Coaching Intelligence (CiQ) is the multidisciplinary intelligence skill you need to grow yourself both professional and personally. It brings together various fields of study in a coherent and corresponding manner to produce a congruent conversation with your client. .

Overview of program

Coaching Intelligence (CiQ) the ability to create masterful conversations where you co-create an experience with the client(s) through a thought-provoking, insightful and creative process to create deep inner work transformation and unravel their potential. Through the process, create a coherent and congruent change and result for the client. CiQ brings together the appreciation and respect of cultures, diversity, traditions, customs and the elements that make us human.

The Coaching Intelligence Mastery program is suitable for:

CEOs, Senior Executives, Business Owners, Leaders, HRD/HRM, Managers, Supervisors

Corporate and Business leaders exponentially increase their team’s productivity through establishing Coaching Culture within the organization. Whether you are top executive, middle management or management trainee, equipping yourself with coaching skills will accelerate your success and results.

Coaches Seeking Advanced Education Program

Coaches seeking to dedicate themselves to a comprehensive coaching program through sustained training, coaching practice and mentorship over a 6 month period tailored at higher credentialing levels of ICF

Program Details

The Coaching Intelligence Mastery program is a 150 Hour Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) program structured over 2 phases and 9 modules through face-to-face training or online synchronous and asynchronous training and coaching. English will be the main mode of delivery. Our focus is in creating results for our coaches, and the training follows the ICF core competency and professional standards.

The modules will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, practice, reflections and case studies.

Countries Available: Singapore, USA

Live Fully Online

Phase 1: Advance Conversational and Axiomatic Coaching

In this phase, you will learn advance skills and competencies to create deeper conversations with the client and generate change that is sustainable that create momentum for progress and growth.

Program Duration: 3 Months

Pre Requisite: Entrance and Profiling Interview with Admission Team

  • Pre-study learning and research – 4 hours
  • Live Synchronous training (In Person) – 36 hours
  • Coaching Lab (Online) – 24 hours
  • Coaching Assignment – 6 hours

Total training hours = 70 Hours

Assessment: 2 Coaching Recordings (min 30 Min) with transcription and self reflective observation

Module 1
Advance Co-Creative Conversations

  • Understanding the Art of Coaching
  • Discovering the Science of Coaching
  • Professional and Ethical Standards of a Coach
  • Creating the coaching Space

Module 2
Advance Conversational Techniques – Creating Seismic Shifts

  • Multi Linguistic and Sensory Intelligence
  • Coaching Paradigms and Frames
  • Introduction To Cognitive Biases

Module 3
Advance Conversational Techniques – Axiomatic Coaching

  • Conversational Creativity and Flexibility
  • Establishing Values and Beliefs
  • Coaching With Presence

Module 4
Assimilation and Action Forwarding

  • 4 Theories of Learning – Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism, Connectivism
  • Facilitating Client Awareness
  • Translating Insights into Physical Action

Phase 2: Masterful Conversational and Neuro-Heuristics Coaching (MCNHC)

In Phase 2 of Coaching Intelligence Mastery, you will layer the learnings from phase 1 to go deeper in your skills as a coach. We will focus on the precision of coaching to dive deeper and flow in a conversational dance. Begin your conversation in mastery, continue in mastery and end the waltz of the conversation in grace.

Total Duration: 3 Months

Pre Requisite: Sucessful Completion of Phase 1 – Training and Assessment

  • Pre-study learning and research – 4 hours
  • Live Synchronous Training – 46 hours
  • Coaching Lab (Online) – 24 hours
  • Summative Coaching Assessment (Live) – 8 hours

Total training hours = 80 Hours

Students are required demonstrate a Live Coaching Session in front of everyone and achieve competency markers at a ICF PCC/MCC level.

Module 1
Mastering Whole-of-Person Approach in Coaching

  • The 3 Rhetoric Appeals
  • Perspectives To Morality
  • Motivational Concepts In Western and Eastern Culture

Module 2
Coherence and Correspondence

  • Coherence Theory of Truth
  • Correspondence Theory of Truth
  • Shaping Coherence and Correspondence in Coaching
Module 3
Who Am I? Reason, Meaning and Philosophy

  • Introduction to Philosophy of the Mind
  • Concepts in Logical Reasoning
  • Deep Innerwork Coaching

Module 4
Neuro-Heuristics and Semantics

  • Heuristics In Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Theories in Semantics

Module 5
The Conversational Dance : Artistry in Mastery

  • Getting Into Flow State
  • Conversational Flow

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Upcoming Intake: 9 January 2021 – 9 June 2021

Location: Singapore

    Meet Our Coach



    Jedidiah is a highly sought-after results and transformation coach. He believes that coaching is the key to creating positive and impactful change in people. Having coached clients from around the world, he found that coaching was a key enabler in driving peak performance and creating results. Being a mentor coach to coaches around the world, he constantly seeks to improve his coaching practice and founded the The Coach Advantage (a network for coaches to meetup and share best practices) to help connect coaches and empower people.

    He developed the C.O.A.C.H coaching framework build upon the core competencies of coaching to empower coaches with coaching strategies to create breakthroughs for their clients. His coaching process focuses on helping clients gain deeper awareness and clarity, create solutioning, establish progress and accountability, and generate the results the client desires. His experience in both the public and private sector has helped him impact clients across various industries.

    • International Speaker and Coach
    • Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF), USA
    • Certified Trainer and Certifying Member of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITANLP)
    • Certified Points of You® Practitioner
    • Certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator
    • Certified TetraMap® Facilitator
    • Master Trainer and Coach Voice Mastery Programming
    • ACE certified personal trainer

    Receiving a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Organizational Learning, along with Coaching Certification with ICF, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Coach of NLP, Certified ACE Fitness Coach, Certified therapist, Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator, Points of You® certified practitioner and Tetramap® certified facilitator has enabled Jedidiah to leverage on various coaching tools to help organizations and individuals achieve new levels of success and growth.

    As an Executive and Life Coach, he specializes in helping clients create results, resolve inner conflicts, experience Total Wellness (Mental, Physical and Emotional). He utilizes Deep Inner Work (DIW) coaching tools to enhance the coaching journey for clients.

    As a Voice Coach, he works with individuals to empower their voice. Jedidiah helps his clients achieve vocal freedom and maintenance to bring out their full potential of their voice.

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    Payment Policy

    Payment for both phases may be made in full (before commencement of each phase or via a series of installments over 3 months

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