Overview of program

The Public Speaking Success Coaching Certification Program (PSSC) is for leaders looking to be professionally certified as coaches with specialisation in public speaking.

No matter which industry you work for, the ability to speak confidently in front of an audience is one of the most critical skills for leadership. Many people believe that to do public speaking, you need to be fearless or have a naturally extroverted personality. However, the reality is that the best public speakers are able to apply effective strategies on how to appear confident on stage, even in spite of the fear.

The Public Speaking Success Coaching program is suitable for:

CEOs, Senior Executives, Business Owners, Leaders, Sales Executives, Managers, Supervisors

Corporate and Business leaders empower their organization by equipping them with confident public speaking skills to influence in a variety of business scenarios – from the boardroom to a packed auditorium. Whether you are top executive, middle management or management trainee, equipping yourself with public speaking coaching skills will enable you as well as the individuals under your charge to be proficient in public speaking.

Leaders who want to be certified Professionally as a Public Speaking Coach

Whether you envision to be an executive coach or a life coach or specializing a niche, having the tools for public speaking coaching will give you a distinctive edge to your personal brand as a coach and all you to transform your clients into powerful communicators.

Value of Public Speaking Success Coaching

  • Confidence in Public Speaking, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Empower your Clients with Confidence
  • Professional Coaching Standards and Ethics
  • Grow Your Leadership And Coaching Competencies
  • Develop The Public Speaking Coach Within You

Program Details

The Public Speaking Success Coaching Certification program is a 20 Hour Coach Specific Training program conducted over 3 modules through face-to-face training or online synchronous and asynchronous training and coaching. English will be the main mode of delivery (unless otherwise stated). Our focus is on creating results for our coaches, and the training follows the ICF core competency and professional standards. The modules will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, practice, reflections and case studies. The program is hands-on, direct feedback and application of theories to integrate learnings deeply. The programme will cover:

  • Pre-study learning and discussion forum – 6 hours
  • Live Synchronous training (in-person or online) – 14 hours

Total training hours = 20 Hours of Coach Specific Training Hours

Program Syllabus Outline

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Effective Public Speaking

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Organizing Effective Messages
  • Delivery & Stage Presence
  • Using Persuasive & Visionary Language

Module 2
Coaching For Public Speaking

  • Introducing the C-O-A-C-H Model for Public Speaking
  • Powerful Questioning Techniques
  • Managing Stage Anxiety
  • Creating Peak States for Confident Public Speaking

Module 3
Module 3 – Evaluating Public Speakers

  • Clarifying Intent & Purpose
  • Increasing Emotional Impact
  • Persuasion & Logical Flow
  • Questioning Precision
  • Logical levels and Deduction

Bonus Module
Advanced Public Speaking Techniques

  • Storytelling for Audience Engagement
  • Develop Stage Presence
  • Using Effective Visual Aids
  • Self-Coaching
  • Group Coaching and Facilitation Techniques

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