The coaching soft skills I gained from learning how to be a coach helped me improve my relationship with my spouse and also gave me the tools to empower me to be more motivated in what I do. Thanks for the power coaching

Deborah TanAudio and Music Technology Lecturer, Singapore

The coaching certification program is empowering and uplifting. I am a serial entrepreneur and the tools that I gain through the though-provoking coaching journey has helped me create breakthroughs and allowed me to experience so much success and results in my businesses.

Aaron HanSerial Entrepreneur, Malaysia

Coaching truly creates breakthrough for people. Being a coach, I have seen many clients from various countries around the world. Understanding the coaching tools and how to judiciously apply them in various situation is important. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching journey and I am expectant that you will experience great value from the program.

Louise JaneProfessional Results Coach, England

“Coaching Changes Lives, it was through the coaching certification course that I realized the true value of coaching. The value I gained from the program was tremendous, it helped me gain deeper awareness of myself and how I could empower my clients. I thought anyone could be a coach, until I learnt how important it was to be fully equipped with the coaching competencies and professional standards of being a coach. I recommend every leader or aspiring leaders to attend the coaching program”

Yvonne SongManaging Director, Vonn Pte Ltd, Singapore