Mastery In Coaching

Mastery in Coaching is the key enablement for coaches to create positive results for clients.Coaching is the most powerful tool that can help to create change in your client’s life and business. In this certification course, you will learn the tools and technique required of a professional coach. Make a difference today, be a Coach.

Why Coaching Matters?

A Coach is someone who is skilled and able to bring out the best in an individual and support him/her reach and even exceed their biggest dreams and goals. In organization, a coach engages, inspires and empowers his employees. He is able to draw out his strengths and realise his full potential. He listens and supports his development growth as a person and employee.

Benefits of Coaching


  • Gain clarity and precision in your goals and dreams
  • Build resilience through times of change and uncertainty 
  • Ignite passion and drive
  • Become a persuasive and inspiring communicator
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
  • Build sustainable and strong relationships


  • Build employee competence and confidence
  • Improve staff engagement and reduce turnover
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Nurture leaders and grow talents

Why Become a Coach?

To help make a difference in someone’s life. Make a lasting impact. Help your team achieve better performance. Become a greater leader. Become a respected paid coach. Help society. Improve relationships and help others achieve their goals.

Why Mastery in Coaching?

Mastery in Coaching (MIC)’s curriculum is an immersive and transformative Coaching training and certification program. Our curriculum is aligned to the guidelines and strict professional standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The course will provide you with practical and applicable skills that you can immediately apply to begin your coaching journey.

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MIC Program Is As Follows:

Module 1
      Meeting Coaching Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards

  • Foundation of Coaching
  • Coaching vs Mentoring vs Therapy

Module 2
      Establish Coaching Agreement

  • The Value Of Agreement
  • Understanding the importance of expectations

Module 3
      Establish Trust and Intimacy

  • Language Patterns to Build Trust
  • Accelerate rapport building

Module 4
      Developing a Coaching Presence

  • Utilising humour in conversation
  • Being in the Now

Module 5
       Active Listening

  • Keys of effective listener
  • Listen beyond the words

Module 6
       Powerful Questioning

  • Metaphors in conversation
  • Powerful questioning techniques

Module 7
      Direct Communication and Feedback

  • Providing insightful feedback
  • Reframing techniques

Module 8
       Creating Awareness

  • Awareness building process
  • 3 Dimensional forces

Module 9
       Designing Actions

  • 7 strategies to designing actions
  • Brainstorming process

Module 10
       Planning and Goal Setting

  • Formulate goals that propels
  • Resources and resourcefulness

Module 11
       Managing Progress and Accountability

  • System for accountability and progress
  • Follow-through process

Bonus Module 1
      Neuroscience of Coaching

  • Benefits of neurosciences in coaching
  • Applied neuroscience in goal setting

Bonus Module 2
      Becoming a Paid Coach

  • Building your coaching brand

Learning Experience

The program is specially curated to enhance your learning through various learning styles. Practice and practical exercises to improve your skills as a coach. The program will be conducted through face-to-face training or online synchronous and asynchronous training and coaching. English will be the main mode of delivery. Our focus is in creating results for our coaches, and the training follows the ICF core competency and professional standards. The modules will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, practice, reflections and case studies.

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    Our Coaching Philosophy

    Coaching truly changes lives. We believe that through the thought provoking and creative process of coaching it will create seismic shift for clients to experience breakthroughs. The coaching journey and outcome are both important to create positive change and results for our clients. Coaching is all about putting others first and coaching with the Heart.

    Meet Our Coach



    Jedidiah is a highly sought-after results and transformation coach. He believes that coaching is the key to creating positive and impactful change in people. Having coached clients from around the world, he found that coaching was a key enabler in driving peak performance and creating results. Being a mentor coach to coaches around the world, he constantly seeks to improve his coaching practice and founded the The Coach Advantage (a network for coaches to meetup and share best practices) to help connect coaches and empower people.

    He developed the C.O.A.C.H coaching framework build upon the core competencies of coaching to empower coaches with coaching strategies to create breakthroughs for their clients. His coaching process focuses on helping clients gain deeper awareness and clarity, create solutioning, establish progress and accountability, and generate the results the client desires. His experience in both the public and private sector has helped him impact clients across various industries.

    • International Speaker and Coach
    • Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF), USA
    • Certified Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), American Board of NLP, USA
    • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, Time Line Therapy Association, USA
    • Certified Points of You® Practitioner
    • Certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator
    • Certified TetraMap® Facilitator
    • Master Trainer and Coach Voice Mastery Programming
    • ACE certified personal trainer

    Receiving a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Organizational Learning, along with Coaching Certification with ICF, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Coach of NLP, Certified ACE Fitness Coach, Certified therapist, Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator, Points of You® certified practitioner and Tetramap® certified facilitator has enabled Jedidiah to leverage on various coaching tools to help organizations and individuals achieve new levels of success and growth.

    As an Executive and Life Coach, he specializes in helping clients create results, resolve inner conflicts, experience Total Wellness (Mental, Physical and Emotional). He utilizes Deep Inner Work (DIW) coaching tools to enhance the coaching journey for clients.

    As a Voice Coach, he works with individuals to empower their voice. Jedidiah helps his clients achieve vocal freedom and maintenance to bring out their full potential of their voice.

    What Others Are Saying About Jedidiah

    What Your Peers Are Saying About Us

    “Coaching helped me in strategizing my business goal and directions.”

    Aaron Han, Entrepreneur and Influencer

    “Trainer has helped participants to discover their strength in coaching and improve their weakness. Now I can coach my team and people around me confidently.”

    Rachael Chui, Financial Advisor

    “As a trainer, learning coaching has helped me to improve my skills and impact with the people I meet.”

    Mohammad Nur Hafiz, Head Instructor

    “I could use the techniques taught with my sales and in my personal development. Powerful questioning techniques helped me to gain greater depth of clarity for myself and my clients.”

    Juliana Su, Manager.

    “Coaching helped me improve my skills of questioning and will use it for my agents and team for business improvement.”

    Suzanne Yang, Founder SYG Agency

    “Lots of knowledge and tools on coaching that helps me in my business and growth. I would recommend others to become a professional coach.”

    Jesmond Loh, Wealth Coach

    “Transformation begins within and causes accelerated growth for a client to create massive results towards their goal.”

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